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Chana Jor Masala

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Setup Time:  1 Hrs

Rent duration:  6 Hrs

Minimum Qty:  50


Wanted an add-on variety in your snack plate. Bring in the mouth-watering Chana Jor Masala and make a difference.

Chana Jor Masala is a unique snack where a person will play the harmonium and serve, singing songs.

MRP : 9000     ₹ (1200 OFF)

7800       BTP Price

(price may vary based on party location )

( Payment and Return Policy )


Total Quantity : 50

Add Extra Piece( ₹ 65 per piece)



  1. Get Chana jor masala served warm for a maximum of 3 hours in the limited package.
  2. 100 Chana Jor masala serves can be availed for a maximum of 3 hours.
  3. Get unlimited serves of your favorite Chana jor masala until your party drops down (maximum 6 hours).


We are all big fans of street food.

No matter what, we are always up for having these junkies around the street.

Having chana jor masala in the menu is a must-have as it is loved by all.

The burst of flavors that it gives to your mouth is all that you need.

The best part of this dish is that you can have it at any part of the day.

A dish that's healthy, nutritious and gives you protein as well, what else do you need in your party.

Book your stall now and get unlimited serves availed by BTP.

The divine, spiced up colorful chana jor masala will be on your way.

Get your party pals served with this mouth-watering starter.

BTP will take care of the quality and quantity.

So don't worry at all and get the Chana Jor Masala added to your party menu.


If you want any of these more than 100 instants then the price will be extra Rs.50 per piece.