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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions (Customers)

1. BOOKTHEPARTY® has a limited responsibility in regard to event successful completion related to products and artists supplied by the BOOKTHEPARTY®.

2. If any particular product or artist or category has created problematic situation, BOOKTHEPARTY® will take responsibility to handle and resolve the issue by replacement or refund for that particular category only partially or fully.

3. Products match with the booktheparty.in images might not be 100% accurate.

4. BOOKTHEPARTY® is not directly responsible for the artist performance on the day of events.

5. In case of any miss-behaviour by any particular supplier or artist at the event, BOOKTHEPARTY® is not responsible. BOOKTHEPARTY® shall only support the client to take necessary actions.

6. If any legal or venue persmissions are required, BOOKTHEPARTY® is no way responsible. Client should take care of the permissions. Eg: Liquor, fireworks, drone, sound system, functionhall royalty/permission, etc

7. BOOKTHEPARTY® shall not pay any sort of service or royalty charges to any event related issues. Eg: Hall royalty, DJ permission, etc

8. If the event is failed due to any reason like customer personal, natural disasters, govt. issues, permissions, etc. BOOKTHEPARTY® payment shall be made without any changes in our payments terms and conditions. Without any exemptions.

9. Customer is responsible to co-ordinate with venue or related people/department and provide the required time to decorate or set the product in the event.

10. During the event if there are any damages happened to the venue, BOOKTHEPARTY® is not responsible.

11. Customers need to take care of themselves and their guests in regard to any sort of small accidents in the venue if happens even after proper care has been taken by the suppliers.

Terms & Conditions (Suppliers)

1. Authenticity of the pictures uploaded by the SUPPLIER is solely Suppliers responsibility and BOOKTHEPARTY® is no way legally responsible.

2. BOOKTHEPARTY® has all rights to maintain and upload any event related products in website with its banner.

3. It’s strictly prohibited to promote any individuals brands on BOOKTHEPARTY® website. All rights reserved to BOOKTHEPARTY® only.

4. On refusal of the order confirmation by its respective Supplier due to his unavailability or any other issues, BOOKTHEPARTY® has rights to transfer the particular order to some other Supplier for the successful completion of the event.

5. In regard to Supplier products and accounts deactivation or removal, rights are fully with BOOKTHEPARTY® for its website when concerned.

6. BOOKTHEPARTY® has rights to stop full or part payment to Suppliers based on the event failure or dissatisfied customer feedback.

7. BOOKTHEPARTY® expects 100 % efforts and output from Supplier to end customer. Eg. Time, Behaviour, Punctuality, Quality standards, etc.

8. Payments shall be made as per the agreed terms.

9. BOOKTHEPARTY® is not responsible for any sort of damages caused in the venue due to the negligence of the Supplier.

10. If any physical or mental accident take place at the time of event in the venue, BOOKTHEPARTY® is not responsible. Shall be taken care by the Supplier himself.