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  • Punch Ball Arcade Game
  • Punch Ball Arcade Game
  • Punch Ball Arcade Game
  • Punch Ball Arcade Game

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    Setup Time:  1 Hrs

    Rent duration:  04:00 Hrs


    Add an extra buzz and ultimate fun to your next party with Punch the Ball game machine rental from BTP at an affordable price.

    MRP : 15500     ₹ (2500 OFF)

    13000       BTP Price

    (price may vary based on party location )

    ( Payment and Return Policy )



    1. 1 coordinator will set up the game stall and instruct the players.
    2. Game setup will be as shown in the picture.
    3. You need to provide enough space for game set up.


    1. Punch The Ball is an arcade game which enables the person to test their strength.
    2. This is a competitive game that can add ultimate fun and buzz to your party.
    3. This game can be played by an individual or a group of people.
    4. Players need to punch the ball as hard as they can to set the highest score and let others break it.
    5. With this game, there is no need for logic or skill as it is a pure brute force that will decide who the winner is.
    6. Punch the Ball will bring out competitive streak amongst your guests and keep them occupied for a few hours.
    7. An ideal attraction game for all and the guests will remember the party for long.
    8. So, for your next party do not forget to add in Punch the Ball by renting online at BTP.


    We need minimum 15 feet height clearance for arrange this game setup.


    1. All the activities will be booked for the duration mentioned in the Inclusions.
    2. The payment needs to be done as per our payment policy. 
    3. Ensure that the power supply is available to complete decorations on time & hassle-free.
    4. Give the decorators sufficient time to set-up your venue.
    5. Ensure the required arrangements are in place to execute it on time.
    6. Few decorations might need a table, ladder, chairs, plug points based on your selection and venue type.
    7. Please cross-check before you place the order.
    8. For anything additional which is not mentioned here, you will need to pay extra.
    9. If there is any damage to any of the merchandise used for this set-up, you will be billed accordingly.
    10. You need to ensure that all necessary permissions/copyrights and authorizations are in place beforehand.
    11. Booking does not include any furniture/fixtures. Examples, but not limited to chairs, tables, carpets, power points, ladder.
    12. Booking is not inclusive of housekeeping services.
    13. Booking also does not include venue royalty charges, maintenance charges, housekeeping charges, power charges, and any other charges that are not specified in this package.
    14. We use all the safety precautions, but we are not liable for any casualties arising at any stage.