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  • Home Decoration with Balloons
  • Home Decoration with Balloons
  • Home Decoration with Balloons
  • Home Decoration with Balloons
  • Home Decoration with Balloons

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    Setup Time:  0 Hrs

    Rent duration:  0 Hrs




    The setup includes simple themed balloon decoration using yellow and green balloons.

    MRP : 4650     ₹ (750 OFF)

    3900       BTP Price

    (price may vary based on party location )

    ( Payment and Return Policy )



    1. Setup Name : Home Decoration with Balloons
    2. Backdrop Size in Height x Width : NA
    3. Backdrop Type (Ex: Cloth Drapes , Fibre Panels Etc) : Balloons 
    4. Backdrop Elements : Balloons, Cut-out's
    5. On the Floor Elements : NA
    6. Is Floor Carpet Provided ? : NA
    7. Floor carpet Type (Flex, Cloth, Stage Mat) : NA
    8. Name Board Type : NA
    9. No of LED Power Cans : NA
    10. Any Other Lights : NA
    11. Is Cake table provided? : NA
    12. If Yes, Cake Table Decoration Type : NA
    13. If Yes, Cake Table Decoration Elements : NA
    14. For Surround Decoration : Balloon Clusters 
    15. Hall Entrance Decoration : Balloon Decoration 
    16. Main Entrance Decoration : Balloon Decoration 
    17. Pathway Decoration : Balloon Decoration 
    18. Welcome Board : NA


    It's home decoration for a birthday with 500 balloons and 4 cartoon cutouts arranged on the wall of the house.

    The balloon colour can be customized as per the client's requirement.


    1. For this theme setup minimum of 12 feet height is required.
    2. If it’s a kids birthday decoration, Cake table needs to be arranged by the customer.
    3. Please give the decorators sufficient set-up time.
    4. All the necessary permissions/copyrights and authorizations should be in place to arrange the decorations. 
    5. The set-up doesn't include stage, table, and chair arrangements. 
    6. In Kids Decoration, the style can suit any occasion but can be customized as per your needs with welcome and name board for extra charges.
    7. This package does not include a power generator. 
    8. A continuous power supply is essential for the decorations to complete on time. 
    9. If it is a Wedding related decoration, the set-up doesn't include garlands, any flower jewellery, bride and groom entry arrangements, etc, but can be done for extra charges.


    1. All the decor styles will be booked for the mentioned rent duration only.
    2. The payment needs to be done as per our payment policy.
    3. Ensure that the power supply is available to complete decorations on time & hassle-free.
    4. Give the decorators sufficient time to set-up your venue.
    5. Ensure the required arrangements are in place to execute it on time.
    6. Few decorations might need tables, ladder, chairs, plug points based on your selection and venue type. Please cross-check before you place the order.
    7. All the decoration items except balloons/ natural flowers are on a hire basis only. Extra charges are applicable if you want to own it.
    8. For anything additional that is not mentioned here will be charged extra. Please contact us for more details.
    9. If there is any damage to any of the merchandise used for the set-up during the party, you will be billed accordingly.
    10. Booking does not include any furniture/fixtures. Examples like chairs, tables, carpets, power points, and ladder etc.
    11. Booking does not even include housekeeping services.
    12. Booking also does not include venue royalty charges, maintenance charges, housekeeping charges, power charges, and any other charges that are not specified in this package.
    13. Ensure that all necessary permissions/copyrights and authorizations are in place.
    14. We use all reasonable safety precautions, but we cannot be held liable for any casualties arising at your venue or party place or any stage.