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Cotton Candy Unlimited (MAX) 400 NO'S

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Setup Time:  1 Hrs

Rent duration:  6 Hrs

Minimum Qty:  400


Make way for cotton candy and bring on your childhood favorite as the special attraction.

MRP : 4500     ( ₹ 600 OFF)

3900       BTP Price

(price may vary based on party location )

( Payment and Return Policy )


Total Quantity : 400

Add Extra Qty( ₹ 10 per qty)



  1. Book your Cotton Candy unlimited package and get unlimited serves of delicious cotton candies for upto 6 hours.


  1. Cotton candies are favorites of every age group as each one us have a memory that we cherish forever with it.
  2. Why not bring one home for your special day and make everyone smile.
  3. Cotton candies are loved for their softness, sweetness ofcourse and are never heavy on the stomach.
  4. But if you're planning to make one for your party on your own then you're surely making a mistake.
  5. The actual recipe is quite tricky and trying it without a machine willl create only mess.
  6. Leave it on BTP, the best organizers in the area, just for you.
  7. Hire your Cotton Candy machine from BTP and leave all the stress on them.
  8. They will serve unlimited cotton candies for a decent number of hours.
  9. You will get tired enjoying but the serving will not stop.


If you want any of these more than 300 instants then the price will be extra Rs.10 per piece.


Sufficient space and table are required for the setup of the cotton candy machine.

Power supply and backup are essential and need to be taken care of by you.

A maximum of 20 meters cable should be provided for power point.




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The tattoo is the most fun and a sure way to please all age groups, mostly kids..




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Goli Soda .