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Cotton Candy Limited (MAX) 100 NO'S

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Setup Time:  1 Hrs

Rent duration:  6 Hrs

Minimum Qty:  100


Get all the eyes rolling with unexpected delicacies straight from your childhood memories.

MRP : 3100     ( ₹ 500 OFF)

2600       BTP Price

(price may vary based on party location )

( Payment and Return Policy )


Total Quantity : 100

Add Extra Qty( ₹ 26 per qty)



  1. The Cotton candy machine will be available for maximum 3 hours with 100 instant serves under limited package.


Spun sugar candy, Candy floss, fairy floss or a cotton candy; many names but the taste remains the same.

Want to bring all your childhood memories alive in your party with the most underrated candy which actually is the star of the show.

BTP avails easily portable Cotton Candy machines that serves many cotton candies in less number of hours.

Without much hassle of installation the easily carried out machine will help you to make a difference.

Making a candy floss with a machine will take all your time and searching on the DIY recipe will give you a headache.

Stop limiting yourself and hire now a Candy Floss machine for your party.

Wanted to walk down the memory lane then get one booked for your party only at BTP.


If you want any of these more than 100 instants then the price will be extra Rs.26 per piece.


Sufficient space and table are required for the setup of the cotton candy machine.

Power supply and backup are essential and need to be taken care by you.

A maximum of 20 meters cable should be provided for power point.




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Goli Soda .